Re: [gundam] Gundam '99 and knee-jerk responses.

W. Lee (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 17:03:54 -0500

I (personally) am not complaining that it looks different. I'm complaining
because it looks UGLY! They could have done a MUCH better job, yet still make
it look different.

Take Macross for example. The Varauta VFs and the new VF-19/VF-22 were made
completely different from the original VF-1; from looks to transformation
sequence. And both still look cool (if not better) than the VF-1.

Roger Harkavy wrote:

> In the last 24 hours since the picture of Syd Mead's Gundam became known
> to the list subscribers, and since then I've seen a really disturbing
> number of posts that declare "this show is going to suck".
> First of all, how can anyone possibly judge this show when all that's
> available to us is a logo, a tiny scan of what appears to be
> pre-production art, and a thimbleful of information on the characters and
> plot?
> Secondly, why does the Gundam in question have to look exactly like it's
> predecessors? Take Gundam F-91 and stand it next to the original RX-78.
> Outside of the color scheme, the fact that they each have two eyes and a
> boomerang on their heads, and it's name, what makes one more of a Gundam
> than the other? Personally, I think that creating a new and different
> mecha for the 20th anniversary is completely appropriate. Does anyone
> really want the kind of rehashed designs we got with Gundam-X? I know I
> don't.
> Thirdly, since when did anyone watch Gundam solely for the mecha? There
> are other things that make up anime shows called plots, stories, and
> characters. In some shows, blink and you may miss them, but they are
> there. When watching the original Gundam movies, sure, the mecha are
> pretty crude and bulbous, but is it fair for me to focus on this one thing
> and discount the entire show? No.
> These discussions remind me a lot of way back when the first info
> regarding Gundam F-91 was filtering into the US. Personally, I really
> wasn't too hot on the mecha designs, what I knew about the plot,
> characters, etc., but I was excited about what was going to be the first
> Tomino Gundam series since Char's Counterattack. I gave it a try. I ended
> up hating it, but at least I waited until the end of the movie to decide
> that I did.
> So relax a bit, and when this new show comes around, give it a chance and
> open your mind to something new. It's probably why you started watching
> Gundam in the first place...
> ---
> Roger Harkavy


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