Re: [gundam] New Gundam Design Revealed!!!

Yves Sakai (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 11:49:33 -1000

On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:

> Roger Harkavy writes,
> >First of all, how can anyone possibly judge this show when all that's
> >available to us is a logo, a tiny scan of what appears to be
> >pre-production art, and a thimbleful of information on the characters and
> >plot?
> Hear, hear!

I am waiting to see how the series is myself... before judging that is.
Perhaps the animation will be very nice for the mecha. Perhaps not...

> Kota writes,
> >Who knows? A lot of people, along with myself, hated the mecha design
> >for G, and a lot of people hated Beam Rotor and Motorad Fleet, and G
> >and V Gundam is a very good series. If the trend continues, this may
> >become a very very good series.
> Exactly. I turned away from G Gundam in disgust after the first few
> episodes, but when I went back and watched it a few years later, it
> knocked my socks off.

I never went back.

> And I thought V Gundam looked stupider than hell
> from the design work, but after half a dozen episodes I was hooked.

I thought similarly of the V design... however, I now put it up there at
least on the top 5 (well, I think I liked V2 better than V but same

> Why
> rush to trash this new show based on - of all things - a grainy little
> GIF of some production art? You may only have to eat your words later.
> And besides, I do like the Gundam's head. :-)

And also, if they keep up what they do in most Gundam anyway, the design
will change ("upgraded") by mid-season. :)

> Dafydd writes,
> >What *is* it with Sunrise and Gundam anniversaries. GG came out on the
> >15th anniversary, now this on the 20th. "We've been around for 15/20
> >years, so to celebrate our longevity, we're going to dump all that. And
> >Now For Something Completely Different...."
> But it's this willingness to change and experiment that's kept Gundam
> fresh and thriving for 20 years, while other attempts to resuscitate
> classic shows - Macross, Yamato, Star Wars - have been unable to sustain
> their energy for more than a few years at a stretch. The spinoffs may not
> have anything to do with the original beyond some design elements, the
> earth-versus-space schtick, and a lot of philosophizing - but if the
> alternative is an endless series of by-the-numbers One Year War remakes
> like 08th MS Team, then bring on the new universes!

So... "Think Different" eh? Perhaps Gundam in 5 delicious candy colors? :)

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