Re: [gundam] New Gundam Design Revealed!!!
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 16:36:54 EST

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<< > Exactly.... It's Canadians (DP9 specifically) and Japanese who have the
> talent.
 Was this tongue in cheek? If not, please explain to me how only Japanese
 and Canadians can design mecha properly. Is it genetic, or those grade
 school classes in mecha design that American kids don't get?
This entire line was meant to beTIC. I really don't believe in a genetic
deficiency in americans for mecha design, but I've never seen anything
impressive by an American. Look at Newer Battletech designs, (post studio
Nue) all those Clan mechs are very uninspired and nothing remotely resembling
Anime style.

On the subject of acceptance, I have enough respect for Tomino-san as a
writer/director/In general Storyteller to watch any of his shows w/ an open
mind, but i still think the pic is ugly.

One man's opinion,
Erik aka Gundamboy

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