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>In the last 24 hours since the picture of Syd Mead's Gundam became known
>to the list subscribers, and since then I've seen a really disturbing
>number of posts that declare "this show is going to suck".

You'll recall my recounting the Creator's Dilemma: if you create something
radically new and different, the fan reject because it's "not X" but if you
don't make it *seem* new, the reject it because it's "just X all over again!"

>First of all, how can anyone possibly judge this show when all that's
>available to us is a logo, a tiny scan of what appears to be
>pre-production art, and a thimbleful of information on the characters and

You can't, of course. You sometimes can't even judge it by the first 26
episodes. And, sometimes, you can't judge it until you've had a few years
to grow up enough to understand it. Case in point: V Gundam.

>Secondly, why does the Gundam in question have to look exactly like it's

Most of the objectors on the list have been reacting not so much to the
fact that Turn-A's different as to the fact that it doesn't seem to fit
into the continuity. Some are reacting to the fact that it's Syd Mead and
not Hajime Katoki or someone else they deem more suited to the job.

It should be noted that Turn-A is the Gundam of AD 2345, not UC. We have
an entirely new universe here, folks, just as we did with G, W and X, only
this time it's our own universe. There's no reason that Turn-A should be
any more like the RX-78 than was the God Gundam of the 15 anniversary show.

>Thirdly, since when did anyone watch Gundam solely for the mecha? There
>are other things that make up anime shows called plots, stories, and

That's been *my* main concern since I saw the character designs. Maybe
it'll be different when I see them animated, but they don't seem very
engaging just now. I'm perfectly willing to give them a wait-and-see -- I
didn't like the characters in GG, either -- but it was the characters and
story that killed GX.

>These discussions remind me a lot of way back when the first info
>regarding Gundam F-91 was filtering into the US.

It was even worse for V Gundam: "Mobile Suit Nadia" ... "ZZ all over
again!" ... "Gundam for Kids!" It's since proven itself to be what Tomino
apparently intended all along, an updated version of the original series.

Heck, I actually like *ZZ* once you get to the 2nd season. "Silent Voice....!"

08th MS Team got a bad rap for continuity violations, but it's managed to
fix most of where it went astray initially (the bulletproof Ball
notwithstanding) and I've always liked most of the characters. Typically,
the central characters are the least interesting, but I find that I'm
interested in seeing how the Romeo & Juliet In Space story plays out. If
Tomino were writing it, I'd halfway expect it to emulate Shakespeare to the
bitter end....

>So relax a bit, and when this new show comes around, give it a chance and
>open your mind to something new. It's probably why you started watching
>Gundam in the first place...

If it's truly a full-fledged series, and makes it all the way through,
it'll be 2001 before we actually have all the facts....


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