RE: [gundam] Encyclopeda of MSG (eBay Auction)

Y. Choe (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 13:29:15 -0800

> The books are described as follows:

My glance at the book, mostly. It seems as though it is a reprint of the
originals, including Bandai ads for the _original_ Gundam 0079 model kits.
And to think, they actually represented state of the art modelling
technology in 0079.

> "Encyclopedia of Mobile Suit Gundam. This four book collection + box has
> all the information from MSGundam TV Series, Gundam Movies parts
> I, II, and
> III. Published by Keibunsha, release date of Jan. 1st, 1999."
> Note that it was just released the first of this year, so it must
> be either
> a new collection or a re-issue of the originals.

Re-Issue of the originals, as far as I can tell.

Each books has 300 odd pages of text, games, mechanical design, references,
bios, etc. etc. Virtually the entire everything on Gundam saga, and then

> The descriptions certainly match the originals listed on Gundam Project.
> If these are the "kiddie-oriented" books, it's no wonder you're
> dissatisfied!

Sure as hell seems like kid oriented books. The cover also as adverts for
same type of books on Astroboy/Atom, Tatsujin 28, and Galaxy Express 999
among others! I hoped that they were something new, with updated illusts
and stuff like that... So much for impulse buys, I suppose...

BTW, a PG Gundam can fetch as much as $179.95!!! I'll stick with HLJ, thank
you very much.

And no scans of the books as of yet...

Y. Choe
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