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>Since there may be an interest in this item...
>Encyclopedia of MSGundam, 4 volume reference books, complete "boxed set," if
>you will. May be the 1980's Entertainment bible, but not too sure... But
>it's (original issue at least) printed in the 80s.
>Published by: Keibunsha

This appears to be a 20th Anniversary re-issue of the following (excerpted
from Mark Simmons' Gundam Project:

The Keibunsha Encyclopedia series, fondly known as "little fat books," are
kiddie-oriented pocket books. The Keibunsha Encyclopedia Extra series are
more traditional reference books.

Keibunsha Encyclopedia 78
Mobile Suit Gundam Encyclopedia: TV Edition 631 320 pages (64 color)

Keibunsha Encyclopedia 81
Mobile Suit Gundam Encyclopedia: Theatrical Edition 631 320 pages (32 color)

Keibunsha Encyclopedia 92
Mobile Suit Gundam II Encyclopedia: Theatrical Edition 631

Keibunsha Encyclopedia 114
Mobile Suit Gundam III Encyclopedia: Theatrical Edition 631"

>I picked this up this weekend, and wasn't satisfied with the purchase, so
>I'm letting it loose.

The books are described as follows:

"Encyclopedia of Mobile Suit Gundam. This four book collection + box has
all the information from MSGundam TV Series, Gundam Movies parts I, II, and
III. Published by Keibunsha, release date of Jan. 1st, 1999."

Note that it was just released the first of this year, so it must be either
a new collection or a re-issue of the originals.
"Book 1: TV Series--contains all the synopsis from Mobile Suit Gundam TV
Series, bios of all important characters, screen captures, interviews with
creators, designers, and voice actors/actresses. 20-30 odd pages of color
and 300 b/w pages of text and illustration

Book 2: Movie part I--containst the plot of the movie part one, differences
between the TV and the movie, interviews, historical perspective, etc.
Book 3: Movie part II--like Book 2. Also contains Gundam games, such as
find the words, etc.
Book 4: Movie part III--Like books 2 and 3.
All books are brand new, but the container box is slightly dinged in one
corner. All four books have color covers, 30 odd pages of screen captures
from the TV series and Movies, AND 290-300 odd pages of text, mechanical
illustrations, character bios, designs, interviews, etc."

The descriptions certainly match the originals listed on Gundam Project.

If these are the "kiddie-oriented" books, it's no wonder you're dissatisfied!


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