Re: [gundam] New Gundam Design Revealed!!!
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 13:24:40 -0600 (CST)

On 02/08/99 05:06:48 you wrote:
>>> Frankly, its a horrible design even if it wasn't a Gundam. Its a
>degrace to
>>> all Mecha everywhere.
>> It's frankly the ugliest modern robot design I've ever seen. I don't
>>how Bandai thinks gundam has any chance in hell against shows like
>>"Gasaraki" with mecha designs this putrid!
>Aw, come on guys! It's not that bad. Eventhough I really wish it had the
>V-Fin, it
>looks kind of quaint in a knightish sort of way. My big thing is, I wish
>it had more
>detailing on it. It's too plain and ordinary looking as it is, kind of
>like a rounded
>Gyan or something. My other thing is, the shield. Now unless there is
>to be some sort of special function in having a rounded shield, the suit
>would look
>better with either a standard shield, or a Mk II shield. It might even
>look cool
>with a F-91 style beam shield.
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I agree, I dont think the design is that bad, but whether or not it should carry the Gundam
name is another question. To me it seems like really good fanart using the artist personal
style and not following the gundam guidelines. If this is the best example of the new suit
that they have then they are in bad shape, and I doubt this thing will make it tv. I would
not want to reveal it to the gundam public with this terrible(looks like a painting
to me) picture. Anyone else think the legs look like vacuum cleaners?

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