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On Mon, 8 Feb 1999 wrote:
> to start a site for those out there that want to know more about the model
> kits before buying them. Would there be a use (in your minds) for a site

I like that!

> that has scans of box art, and detaled scans of the assembly instructions,
> plus pictures of finished models.

Box art, yes (useful in shopping). Assembly instruction, not really.
Pictures of finished models, DEFINITELY! Remember that Hobby Link Japan
has a lot of the box art online already. So that's part of the work done.
I would like to see more model reviews and model building tips, especially
modification process and results. Also useful would be photos of the model
building process, but that take a lot of work for the model builder.

> info would be appricieated by enough people, I think it could be arranged.

Yes yes yes!

> Ive got around 130 kits to start with, After that im ure we can get scans of
> some of the more obscure kits from people on the list.

130?! Took me a day and a half just to do 11 finished models. I would
gladly let you have my sites, or you will be welcome to swam my site with
your scans.

Check out

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