Re: Assault/Buster question...formerly re: [gundam] V2 Gundam Models

Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 09:48:47 PST

>>the only one that came in the Assault release too, allowing you to
>>combine the kit with the V2 Buster to create the V2 Assault Buster
>>Gundam (which is WAY cool).
> Speaking of which...i have both kits now, and since I haven't seen
>some reason) a pic of the Assault-Buster, which parts of each kit are
>to make the Assault buster...I know now that the overhead systems of
>buster cannot possibly fit in with the assault's shoulders, so which is
> Just asking...
Though it doesn't offer much in the way of help, the HJ special "Neo-
How to build a Gundam" shows pics of the combined Assault and Buster
kits, and is a all around jacked book in the first place, so....

Mark Kai

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