Re: [gundam] SYREEN/NEUE ZIEL?

Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 08:27:26 PST

>> pretty good, but the HUGE front skirt/tail makes the legs redundant.
> The front 'tail' is actually a giant fuel/booster tank which can be
>jettisoned after it's used up. I think the Alpha Azrael also had this

So it takes off in a zero G enviroment with its legs up and booster
tank down, jettisons the tank during flight, and lands on its legs?
That makes more sense...

>> So it can land, yeah...but awkward! And...well...quite phallic!! Talk
> You wanna talk Phallic?
> Did you see the SIZE of the codpiece on the Nightengale, not to
>the _shape_ of it? I was going to use it as a background screen on my
>Solaris terminal until someone pointed out the 'third leg' to me!
Yeeek! A
>man could get sued for harrassment building a model of THAT MS!
> -Probe

Hah...well, Char IS quite the ladies man, y'know...I guess he wants
everyone in combat to know that too *L*

Mark Kai

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