[gundam] Would there be any interest in?

Mon, 8 Feb 1999 08:15:18 -0600

        Hey guys , Iv'e got an idea id like to run by everyone. Ive wanted
to start a site for those out there that want to know more about the model
kits before buying them. Would there be a use (in your minds) for a site
that has scans of box art, and detaled scans of the assembly instructions,
plus pictures of finished models. I prettymuch have unlimited badwidth and
drive space, but no creative talent. So if a bulk of very simply(Read as
totaly un creative or artisticly arranged) put together pages with model
info would be appricieated by enough people, I think it could be arranged.
Ive got around 130 kits to start with, After that im ure we can get scans of
some of the more obscure kits from people on the list.

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