Re: [gundam] MG GM at the new HLJ

Mark Simmons (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 03:22:33 -0800

Probe writes,

> I have to say that's a rather silly explanation. Replace the regular GM
>power-couplings with _cooling_ gear for a _ground_ MS? When it's the
>_space_ MS that have the biggest cooling problems?

  Yeah, there is that. One would suppose an air-cooling system would be
les bulky than a helium-cooling system (or whatever it is space mobile
suits use). So the kit manual's explanation actually doesn't make a lot
of sense...

> Hrrrm! My pics of the original GM pistol show a little 'nub' like
>formation in front of the trigger (hard to say what it is). The puny
>picture of the GM on the HLJ site looks to have a _substantially_ larger
>and more magazine-shaped structure on it. (Shrug)

  It looks the same in shape, and I don't think it's appreciably larger.
Again, I'm hoping the MG kit manual will shed some light on the
E-cap-ness of this runty weapon.

Dafydd writes,

>And not all GMs had backpack-mounted beam sabers. The RGM-79S and RGM-79SC
>GM Commands have them mounted, in pairs, at the small of the back. The GM
>Sniper also had a brace of beam sabers, although I don't recall where they

  The classic GM Sniper Custom has a "box beam saber" mounted on its left
forearm. As I'd recently noted, this appears to be a defensive blocking
device like the GP01's beam jitte, allowing the mobile suit to fend off
an attacker without dropping its rifle... but hardly adequate for
extended dueling.

>Is it possible that the GM has always had two beam sabers, but only mounted
>one on the backpack? Or only had one mounted and ready to go, but with an
>inactive spare stashed in the leg or lower back?

  Nah. The 08th MS Team mobile suits have very large, very obvious
storage boxes on their legs for the beam sabers; there's no way the
regular GM could cram a spare saber into its slender leg. The Federation
simply cut costs by omitting one of the sabers.

-- Mark

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