Re: [gundam] New Gundam Design Revealed!!!

Operator7G - Michael Ip (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 19:55:28 +1300

At 12:34 AM 08-02-99 -0500, Roger wrote:
>Well, after reading the 60+ emails that have popped up about this in the
>last 12 hours, count me in the "great, I'm all for it" camp. If I had to
>venture a guess where Syd Mead got a bit of his inspiration, it could have
>been from Vifam and Ideon designs, but I'm betting that he just went with
>a basic concept and color scheme and took it from there.

Good on ya, and don't let anyonetell ya otherwise :) We need a GVS poll on
this NOW!

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