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At 23:15 2/7/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>"2468: Gundam, We Appreciate!"
>>How 'bout: "2468: Mobile Suit ... Gundam ... In The ... 25th ...
>>Or, better yet:
>>"In the year 2525
>>If Gundam's still alive
>>If Newtype can survive
>>They may find...."
>I got the others, just please explain this last one.

It's the intro to a song that was very popular in the 60s, "In The Year
2525" by Zager & Evans, released as both a single and on an album called
Terminus Et Exordium (Latin for "the end and the beginning"), rewritten
slightly to fit the moment. It was their one and only charted song,
putting them in the ranks of One-Hit Wonders. The actual lines are:

In the year 2525
If Man is still alive
If Woman can survive
They many find....

Ah, those were upbeat and forward-looking times, weren't they? Songs like
this and "Eve of Destruction" *built* this country!


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