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Sun, 07 Feb 1999 17:16:03 -0800

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>It doesn't look like a robot, it looks like a fingerpainting.

While everyone else, understandably, seems to be reacting to the new
Gundam, I'm nore concerned about the character designs, since it's always
been the characters and story that drive Gundam. That's what really killed
Gundam X, y'know.

Rollin Seack is so androgynous, I thought the character was female at
first. It's not just the long hair and headset/hairband thingy, either.
The character has a kind of shojo look that somehow puts me in mind of
Evangelion's Rei Anayama or even Nausicaa (or any other Miyazaki heroine)
in one of her more pensive moods. Moon People? If Tomino's finally going
to recognize the fact that folks raised on the Moon (or in near zero-g in
an asteroid) are going to be different from Earthnoids and Spacenoids from
the Earth-g colonies, then I'd expect someone taller and thinner.

Such a person might have less sexual dimorphism and hence a more
androgynous appearance, owning to vertical elongation and horizontal
compactness, but such doesn't appear to be the case.

As to the rest of the cast, I'm reminded of "Heidi" for some reason....


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