Re: [gundam] P.G. Gundam Question
Sun, 7 Feb 1999 19:40:57 EST

The PG will take you a couple of days if you don't stop to eat or sleep. Less
if you don't take your pieces off of the sprute carefully. Plus, getting the
fingers off of the sprue was hard IMHO. However, it was all worth it. I am
already saving for the PG Zaku. Actually, my wife is just as excited about
the Zaku since she really likes my Zeon mechs, especially the Gouf Custom, and
the MG Zaku. The PG was truky an ordeal, I felt like I was in an endless
cave, but it was totally worth it! Plus I would have to say that the PG is
the least fragile model I have. I had it fall off my bookcase, and nothing
broke at all. It is definately an experience that every Gundam modeler/fan
should have (not the fall, the experience of building the ultimate model)

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