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>Probe writes,
>> Hey, did anyone notice how much of the MG GM is inspired by the 8MST GM?
>>The backpack (with those little side-blocks) is IDENTICAL to the 8MST one,
>>and the skirt armors also look identical to the 8MST GM. Note the chest
>>vents and the new looking cockpit area are also very evocative of the 8MST
>>GM as well. A pity they couldn't have given it more modern looking feet.
> Well, all those parts are holdovers from the MG Gundam, which pre-dates
>the 08th MS Team designs. Hence, the 08th MS Team GM inherits its
>backpack and whatnot from the MG Gundam. As per the kit manual, the 08th
>GM's backpack is a standard GM/Gundam type, but the beam saber gear was
>relocated to the legs to make room extra cooling systems in the backpack.

And not all GMs had backpack-mounted beam sabers. The RGM-79S and RGM-79SC
GM Commands have them mounted, in pairs, at the small of the back. The GM
Sniper also had a brace of beam sabers, although I don't recall where they

Is it possible that the GM has always had two beam sabers, but only mounted
one on the backpack? Or only had one mounted and ready to go, but with an
inactive spare stashed in the leg or lower back? That would effectively
cut costs without degrading performance, since (as Probe observed) you
rarely if ever saw both beam sabers deployed at once, or even sequentially,
by the Gundam...


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