Re: [gundam] Re: Kou Uraki - the most ineffectual Gundam pilot ever ?

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>I must say that(and correct me if I am wrong), some of the best MS pilots are
>all wussies. Char-mama's boy wuss, Kou-the same, plus he cried when they
>threatened to take away his toy, Amuro-same. I could go on(I think but its
>almost 3am and I'm tired). By the way, for years I have been trying to spot
>Kou in(now say it in that deep voice like in the trailer real nice and slow),
>Gundam Formula Ninety One. I love repeating that after hearing it. I have read
>and heard the rumers for years and still nothing when I watch.

*All* pilots are considered wusses and candy-asses by groundpounders.
After all, pilots were originally from the upper classes and didn't expect
to get all dirty like the poor blighters in the trenches. And, of course,
they was all college educated and we all know that Real Mean gradute from
the School of Hard Knocks, not some ivy-covered ivory tower.

Officers in general and pilots in particular are expected to be much more
caring and sensitive than enlisted folk; their job, after all, is to get
the mission done and still bring their people home to mother in one piece.
And being grounded is the worst thing that can happen to a pilot. Even
promotion can be dreaded if it carries with it the threat of a ground

It's not uncommon for a grounded pilot to be placed on suicide watch....

Kou was 19 in UC 0083, so he'd be in 59 in UC 0123. Maybe he changed his
name to Roy.... (^_^);;


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