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Richie Ramos (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 05:09:50 +0800

>Actually, you do keep the buster cannon AND the Assault's shoulders. You
>rotate the Assault's shoulder modules to the vertical position, and
>extend the gold flap thingys down. This'll fit the buster cannon.

        AHA! that's how it's done! thank you very much! I could just...err,
ixnay on the idea...anyway...are there any other known add-ons for the V2?

>You use the assault's gold bits for the groin and knees, and the added
>armor bits for the Buster on the skirt, fanny, and legs. The Assault's
>VSBRs stay on the hip mounts. The mega beam shield goes on the left arm,
>while the Assault's beam whatzit is in the right arm. Most illustrations
>I've seen also have the Buster's souped-up beam rifle w/multi-launcher
>in the left hand.

        Mega cool! btw, is terhre any way to fabricate the sniper eye?

>The Assault-Buster V2 Gundam is definitely a mouthful of a name, but
>it's one BIG can of whoop-ass to open up on anyone!

        BUt the question is kinda like how does it move?

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