[gundam] Re: Assault/Buster question...

Mark Nguyen (mnguyen@hotmail.com)
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 12:06:34 PST

> Speaking of which...i have both kits now, and since I haven't seen
>some reason) a pic of the Assault-Buster, which parts of each kit are
>to make the Assault buster...I know now that the overhead systems of
>buster cannot possibly fit in with the assault's shoulders, so which is
> Just asking...

Actually, you do keep the buster cannon AND the Assault's shoulders. You
rotate the Assault's shoulder modules to the vertical position, and
extend the gold flap thingys down. This'll fit the buster cannon.

You use the assault's gold bits for the groin and knees, and the added
armor bits for the Buster on the skirt, fanny, and legs. The Assault's
VSBRs stay on the hip mounts. The mega beam shield goes on the left arm,
while the Assault's beam whatzit is in the right arm. Most illustrations
I've seen also have the Buster's souped-up beam rifle w/multi-launcher
in the left hand.

The Assault-Buster V2 Gundam is definitely a mouthful of a name, but
it's one BIG can of whoop-ass to open up on anyone!


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