Assault/Buster question...formerly re: [gundam] V2 Gundam Models

Richie Ramos (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 03:00:45 +0800

>The 1/100 V2 can do this too! Actually, of the three scales I think the
>1/144 looks best proportion-wise, the 1/100 is the most versatile, an
>the 1/60 the most visually imposing (it's just so big). The 1/100 was
>the only one that came in the Assault release too, allowing you to
>combine the kit with the V2 Buster to create the V2 Assault Buster
>Gundam (which is WAY cool).

        Speaking of which...i have both kits now, and since I haven't seen (for
some reason) a pic of the Assault-Buster, which parts of each kit are used
to make the Assault buster...I know now that the overhead systems of the
buster cannot possibly fit in with the assault's shoulders, so which is used?
        Just asking...

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