Re: [gundam] V2 Gundam Models

Mark Nguyen (
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 07:47:07 PST

>If you bought the 1/100 V2, then I am sorry to say that you should have
>bought the V2 Assault or V2 Buster Gundam (also available in 1/144
>The V2 was the basic/plain version, while both the Assault and the
>are cooler upgraded versions. The only thing good about the V2 I can
>of now is the beauty of its simplicity. However, if you got the 1/60
>V2 then it's a pretty cool, since it can fully transform and separate
>different parts/vehicles.

The 1/100 V2 can do this too! Actually, of the three scales I think the
1/144 looks best proportion-wise, the 1/100 is the most versatile, an
the 1/60 the most visually imposing (it's just so big). The 1/100 was
the only one that came in the Assault release too, allowing you to
combine the kit with the V2 Buster to create the V2 Assault Buster
Gundam (which is WAY cool).

Uh, not having seen any later V2 episodes, was there more than one V2
made for the League? And for that matter, what was the composition of
the League Militaire towards the end of the war? Mostly V Gundams? Or
Gunblastors? Or (gasp) Javelins and Jamesguns?


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