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>Just so. When I enlisted, there were two enlisted-to-officer programs,
>both of which were cancelled while I was still in Basic Training.
>(Bummer!) Bootstrap was program whereby you could go to college
>earn your baccalaureate and go to OTS, all on active-duty. Bootstrap
>back to WW2 and sounds very much like Matsunaga's route to commission.
>The other program was the Airman's Education & Commissioning
>Here, qualified applicants were promoted to Staff Sergeant (E-5) and
>enrolled in an accelerated 4-year degree program at a civilian
>thence to commission and OTS, with the usual 2-for-1 payback.

Are you sure that AECP was cancelled? My cousin was in a program very
much like
that a few years back. He completed an associate degree in education from
University of Illinois (I think) that had a degree program on his airbase
in New
Jersey. It was a 5 year program that he completed during his night hours.
thing was, when he had completed the program, his base commander wanted
commission him, but being who he is, my cousin declined. (Just to
clarify: My
cousin is the type of person who dedicate themselves to doing a job, but
refuse to be put into an official leadership position, despite the fact
that he already
is in a leadership position.) When his 8 years were up, my cousin was
either a
Staff Sergeant or an E-6 (I don't remember which), and pretty much ran

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