Re: [gundam] Chars Counter: Special Edition?

Chad Gombosi (
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 12:34:41 PST

>yeah, I have heard stories by tech who say they have heaps od requests
>fix PSX's. They fall to bits pretty easily.I fortunately have not had
>problem. The Saturn althoiugh the electronic architecture is a MESS,
>machine is stable. Kinda link MS Windows vs Linux.
>Michael Ip
>ICQ 2822685

Well the Saturn was basicly made out of spare parts from arcade machines
and such. All those extra chips sure did come in handy for a few crafty
developers such as Sonic Team (in Shining Force III), and Team Andromeda
(Panzer Saga). The cartridge slot was also a very useful thing in the
long run.

Fixing PS in not usualy a problem. You can get a replacement dive for
$25, and that will usualy fix all the problems.


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