Re: [gundam] MG GM at the new HLJ

Mark Nguyen (
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 09:43:22 PST

>Well the new somewhat different and confusing HLJ site is finally up
and they
>actually have the GM in finally I am not sure if I am impressed yet
or not.

Well, despite its relative simplicity I think it looks pretty good. Most
importantly, the head looks like it has a neck, and is less rounded than
the original. The original looked like a friggin' astronaut's helmet
from a 1950s movie...

I do like the weapons selection, which is quite typical for a GM. I was
surprised by the two beam saber option for the backpack; what IS the
reason that only one beam saber is on most GMs, anyways? Cost?
Practicallity? Power availability? Making the Gundam look better?


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