Re: [gundam] Anime Village Question

Paul Lampshire (
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 21:33:08 -0000

>>I can't see a gaping hole for them to fill at the moment. I could be
>>but with the addition of
>>Eatman 98
>>Brain Powerd
>>Silent Mobius TV
>>Don't Leave Me Daisy
>>To the shows like Cowboy Bebop that don't *start* till June. I think
>>looks very much like it for 99.
>Well, some of those show are short programs. 12 or 13 episodes TV shows.

Hmmm. And they've got two OAV series that finish about June/July as well
[SMJ OAVs and Ao no 6 Go. [I think, I can't seem to find when that was due
out. Oh, and a wholebuncha stuff seems to have slipped. I could have sworn
that originally their first batch of new stuff was due out later this month,
and now it's due in March.

They might have room for a movie or two, or a short OAV series, but another
TV series?

But this is all speculation anyway...

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