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Dafydd writes,

  ...well, an awful lot, actually. I think the detailed discourse on time
in rate and military career tracks goes into the reference file. However,
it's as I feared; in this respect, Gundam =/= reality. :-)

  As a complete ignoramous in military protocol, I think the biggest
surprise for me was the degree (har har) to which military rank is a
factor of social status and education. The bit about doctors and other
professionals being given appropriately highfalutin' military ranks
would, I suppose, explain the proliferation of high-ranking "technical
officers" in the Gundam world - Ginias Sakhalin, an engineer with the
rank of major general, being the most dramatic example...

>Well, first of all, don't confuse the <Service> Academy with Officer
>Training School -- they're not the same.

  Gotcha. If I'm parsing your detailed explanation correctly, then, we
can assume that people like Char and Kou who went straight from high
school into the military, yet begin as officers, went to their respective
military academies _instead_ of high school.

  Then we have graduates of civilian colleges, like Johnny Ridden and
Shin Matsunaga, who later undergo officer training. Ridden, who joins the
Zeon military in 0078 and begins the war as an officer, might be assumed
to have undergone officer training before the war starts. Matsunaga, who
starts the war as an enlisted man, goes to officer training school in
mid-war. Sound reasonable?

  It's always hazardous to assess Gundam military stuff by real-world
standards, but in this particular the correspondence seems pretty good.

>If I were handing out patents, Yuri would qualify as the Duke of Caucasia,
>for the Caucasus Mountains that span the Black and Caspian Seas. You could
>also call him the Duke of the Ukraine or the Duke of Anatolia.>
>Again, the territory covers more than one state or province, so it's de
>facto a Dukedom. Lord Cranberry, Duke of Sierra.
>As noted earlier, the Duke of Appalachia.
>The Duke of Oceania.
>Lord Bitter, Duke of Sahara.

  How splendidly poetic! :-)

>M'quvie (that rendering looks even more aristocratic, doesn't it?) would be
>the Marquis of Odessa, vassal of Lord Kerane, Duke of Caucasia.

  Marquis M'Quve?! Heh!

-- Mark

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