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At 09:33 PM 02-02-99 -0500, Kota wrote:
>I've seen 3D graphics of Wave Rider done by some fans, and they look
>fantastic. I was pretty sure there was a movie file to show the
>transformation, but couldn't find it.

A 3D transformation for ZG has been done. It's on the ZG PSX game. Using
the Char disc, you need to be able get to he stage where you can view the
Zeta MS under options. Select view ZG and then press the triangle on the
controller to transform the MS. It's cool :) It's a bit dodgy viewing via
composite connections. Ideally I'd want to use S Video or SCART. I have S
Video, but that's still dependant on video codes (which my TV is not 100%),
and I don't have a SCART in on my TV connexion anywhere :(

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