Re: [gundam] Chars Counter: Special Edition?

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At 12:25 PM 05-02-99 PST, Chad wrote:

>If you are using the double swap methood that requires
>you to swap the CDs while they are spinning, stop now!
>PSXs are made like papercraft models inside. You may
>very well damage the piece of crap drive they put in the
>thing. I do a live swap on my Saturn to play bootlegs,
>but that thing is built TOUGH, an can take the stress.

yeah, I have heard stories by tech who say they have heaps od requests to
fix PSX's. They fall to bits pretty easily.I fortunately have not had that
problem. The Saturn althoiugh the electronic architecture is a MESS, the
machine is stable. Kinda link MS Windows vs Linux.


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