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Here's an interesting article I found on CNN...the Colony News Network. :)

Russia's space mirror test called off after attack

Experiment was bid to banish night with artificial 'moon'

February 4, 1999
Web posted at: 8:29 a.m. EST (1329 GMT)

MOSCOW (CNN) -- An ambitious experiment in orbit -- using a giant mirror to
reflect the sun's light to dark corners of the Earth -- was called off for
the day Thursday when the crew of Russia's Mir space station & Progress
Mirror Control Ship came under attack by an unknown ship. Other scientists
fear that the mirror array is in fact a "solar system" -- a weapon used to
focus large amounts of solar radiation into a deadly heat ray. Russian
scientists dismissed the rumours as 'ridiculous'.

"There is an emergency situation. There is some sort of large object
approaching the mirrors," Mir Mission Control spokesman Vsevolod Latyshev
told reporters. He added that the crew would continue trying to focus the
mirrors. The attack targeted the Progress control ship which undocked from
Mir earlier on Thursday. The mirrors are all controlled by Progress.

At 2:34 p.m. Moscow time (6:34 a.m. ET/1134 GMT) the two-man crew aboard Mir
sent a command to Progress to unfold the 25-meter (yards) mylar mirrors, but
minutes later they told commanders on Earth the mirror array had been
attacked by large spaceship of unknown origin. Mir Cosmonauts received a
vague communiqué from the unknown hostile ship which are rumoured to have
said only two words: "Sieg Zion!". Scientists are studying the message and
trying to determine its meaning.

A second attempt also failed to focus the mirrors as the array came under
attack again. Space officials, contemplating the latest setback to Russia's
cash-starved space program, said they would decide by Friday whether to
continue their efforts before the Progress is abandoned to burn up as it
re-enters the atmosphere. Mission Control Admiral Bosquovich Om said "This
is a disaster. We're dubbing this criminal the "Nightmare of SolarMir" and
we'll be creating a new arm of the Russian Space Agency to deal with this
new threat and hunt down every individual associated with the attack".

The mirror is supposed to work like an artificial moon, reflecting sunlight
onto several regions in Russia and other former Soviet republics before
reaching Germany and the Czech Republic, said another Mission Control
spokesman, Valery Lyndin. Had the daylong experiment gone smoothly and the
sky been clear, a circle of light, measuring five to eight kilometers (three
to five miles) across on the ground, was to have moved at a speed of about
seven meters (yards) a second.

The mirror's designers had hoped it would serve as a prototype for much
larger models that may be used to illuminate sun-starved northern cities.

Such a mirror could illuminate construction sites, disaster areas or
wherever else light is needed, officials say. Designers say a series of
mirrors or one giant mirror could harness the sun to overcome darkness and
even help boost agriculture by lengthening the day. Designers also believe
that the array could be also focused as a heat weapon against possible
incoming asteroids, meteors and other things that might approach the Earth.
"Theoretically, we could use this mirror array to soften incoming targets,
burning them up enough so that the Earth's atmosphere could handle the

In the more distant future, such devices may act as "solar sails," using
solar wind to push spaceships through space or even be outfitted on space
colonies providing an stand alone colony with sunlight to simulate an earth
environment. Futurist Engineer, Tem Ray stated, "Anything is possible...".

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> You'll find yourself on a NASA web site featuring an applet which tracks
> the location of a number of different space craft including Mir, the

BTW, last night, the Mir deployed a 25 meters diameter mirror in an
experiment to test the feasibility of illuminating the grim winter of
Siberia by reflecting sun light, part of Northern Canada was also
illuminated, the projection was that it should about 5-10 times brighter
than a full moon. Some Canadian scientists suspect this is not about
illumination as all, but an experiment to test solar sail.

Poor folks, we all know what a giant sunlight reflecting mirror is for.

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