Re: [gundam] [OT] Orbital Resonance

Mark Nguyen (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 14:01:46 PST

>> BTW, last night, the Mir deployed a 25 meters diameter mirror in an
>> experiment to test the feasibility of illuminating the grim winter
>> Siberia by reflecting sun light, part of Northern Canada was also
>> illuminated, the projection was that it should about 5-10 times
>> than a full moon. Some Canadian scientists suspect this is not about
>> illumination as all, but an experiment to test solar sail.

Well for starters last night, it didn't work. :) The sail failed to
deploy properly from its housing and reflected little to no light at
all. It was scheduled to pass directly over Calgary, Alberta, Canada,
where I live. The local news channels were all telling people not to
bother going outside. Pity though, the sky last night was actually CLEAR
around here for a change...

A 25m mirror can't possibly pull anything with light pressure
propulsion. I suspect, if these scientists suspect, that they were only
trying to determine the effects of the pressure on the material they
were testing. It's substantially different than the one they tested in

As an aside, think of the advantages... A geostat mirror array can shine
a dull light down on a city area at night, precluding the need for many
steetlights. Farmers can harvest at night much more easily. Nocturnal
pests get confused. People with night blindness won't have to turn on a
lamp. The list goes on...


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