Re: [gundam] [OT] Orbital Resonance
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 16:36:47 EST

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> BTW, last night, the Mir deployed a 25 meters diameter mirror in an
> experiment to test the feasibility of illuminating the grim winter of
> Siberia by reflecting sun light, part of Northern Canada was also
> illuminated, the projection was that it should about 5-10 times brighter
> than a full moon. Some Canadian scientists suspect this is not about
> illumination as all, but an experiment to test solar sail.
> Poor folks, we all know what a giant sunlight reflecting mirror is for.
> :-)

Not stopping colonies from being dropped on Earth ? :P

Oh btw....there is a Professor Minovski teaching at the University of St.
Cyril and Methodius, faculty of Electronic Engineering (Macedonia)....I wonder
if he knows he's about to discover a revolutionary new particle ?


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