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Linwood Foster ventures,

> Maybe they go by the degree of education? High School grads and under
> start at the basic enlisted ranks and have to work their way up. Recruits
> with 2 or more years of college or a technical school would start as
> sergeants. College grads would automatically start out as commisioned
> officers.

  Not so, even in the Gundam universe. Starting rank is a function of
whether or not the person has been through officer training, and seems to
be independent of the degree of education attained. Examples:

  Char Aznable, Kou Uraki: No college education. Went directly from high
school to military academy.

  Johnny Ridden: Graduated college, then enlisted in Zeon military and was
trained as an officer.

  Shin Matsunaga: Judging from his age, he must have graduated college, but
he entered the Zeon military as an enlisted man.

  Now, I'll confess that I'm a little fuzzy about the various courses of
officer training in the real world. Is military academy some sort of
combination of civilian college and officer training? How long does it
take? How about post-enlistment officer training, of the sort undertaken by
Shin Matsunaga?

  Okay, Dafydd... whatcha got on this? :-)

-- Mark

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