[gundam] average "grunt" MS pilot experience in various Gundam

Rodrick Su (rsu@tigana.com)
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 13:01:45 -0800

Let's take a survey of the average MS pilots experience in various show:

Zeon: Comprised of lots and lots of recruits off the street, with an
excellent mixture of aces. Towards the end of the war, as the aces
dies off, the mixture between green/veteran dropped significantly.

Federation: Comprised of (and correct me if I am wrong) mostly
replacement pilots and some space-fighter pilot converts. The vast
majority of the MS pilot probably have less than 500 hours piloting a
MS. Win the war by the sheer numbers and better MS. The
green/veteran ration improved as the war wore on.

Delaz: comprised entirely of veteran, otherwise they wouldn't have
been stuck in Side 5. There isn't a green/veteran ration as opposed
to veteran/ace.

Federation: The vast majority of Federation MS pilot corps is still
comprised of conscription enlistee. There is a good mixture of
green/veteran ratio since Federation now has quit a few pilots with

Zeta: Since I have only seen 4 episodes, I'd let someone fill out the
Federation, excluding Titan:




ZZ: Haven't seen one episodes...



Char's Counterattack:
Federation excluding Londo Bell: Probably the same mixture of
experience as 0083.

Londo Bell: the vast majority of Londo Bell pilots have a least 1
major war under their belt, some with 2. This is one of the most
experienced unit of MS pilots.

Neo Zeon: Like Londo Bell, Neo Zeon also have their fair share of
very experienced pilots. However, their experience ration is
probably lower than that of Londo Bell.

Federation: Very poor. Perhaps the long peace have lead major
complacency. The MS experience is almost on par with early GM pilot

Crossbone Vanguard: Very good. This is a well train, well equipped
small army that makes up for their lack of actual fighting
experiences with training and equipment. Sort of like peace time US
military forces in the '80s.

Zanscare Empire: Similar mixture of experience to Zeon in 0079,
mostly new recruits with very experience troops in specialized units.

League Militaire: Composition is actually similar to Crossbone
Vanguard, except they are poorer and smaller in size.


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