Re: [gundam] 08MST models

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 12:55:16 -0700 (MST)

> I just finished 08MST Gouf custom, and working on Zaku. What a great
> model series!

  The Gouf's kick butt! But the rest of the kits are so-so. The GM rocks
only because it comes with so many weapons... but compared to the 0080 GMs
it's a rather plain, stiff, and bland design. (Not to mention rather

> question 1: what's that rod sticking out at right angle from the heat
> hawk? When Zak is hold it in its left hand, the rod sticks out to the
> right. It seems to serve no purpose at all.

  On the 1/100 MG Zaku kit, it's the pin used to secure the HH to the
Zaku's side-skirt.
  Since the 1/144 Zaku is simply a scaled-down mini-version of the Master
Grade kit (You'll note that all the surface details and even the cockpit
are identical), they simply scaled down the Heat Hawk as well! If the peg
bugs you, cut it off!

> question 2: Is the Zaku in the Gundam vs. Zaku kit the same as that one I
> have now? Judging from the arrangment of the parts on the runners, I


> suppose I can guess that the combo kit is missing the parts for the F-Type
> space use Zaku and the heat hawk, is that all the difference? I am

  That's correct! Don't forget that you get the 'standard' Zaku
plain-shield with the Zak-F kit which you don't get with the combo.

> tempted to buy that combo kit despite the duplication.

  Well, you do have enough option-parts with those two kits to make two
distinct Zakus, a Zak-F and a Zak-J, officer or soldier, and enough
weapons to have them armed differently. But they're still two almost
indistinguishable mecha, since they'll only be different in their forehead
crests, 'cuffs' on the forearms, two little vernier ports on each calf,
and shield color/design. I'm not sure that's really worth the money!
(Considering for the price of these kits you could probably afford to get
the much more complex and cooler MG Zaku kit). The Gundam in the
Combo-pack really isn't that great either, it's rather disproportionate,
plain and clunky looking... the Ez8 gundam is a marked improvement but it
still looks a bit tubby!


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