[gundam] Sunrise Interactive, and a new RX-78

Mark Simmons (scorpio@best.com)
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 11:20:11 -0800

Hi folks,

  So, what's up with this? Looks like Sunrise has launched a new spinoff
company, Sunrise Interactive, whose charter is to develop computer game
software. The company's first project is a Gundam/Votoms crossover game of
some kind, slated for a December '99 release on the Sega DreamCast
platform. Scope it out at <http://www.atsai.co.jp/~sun/>.

  Of particular interest for Gundamaniacs: The game will feature _yet
another_ makeover of the classic RX-78 Gundam. This "20th anniversary
Gundam" is brought to us by good old Kunio Okawara, and naturally it's a
completely different design than all the previous retcons we've seen. I
guess Okawara just likes to redesign the Gundam every five years.

  At first glance, this "anniversary Gundam" seems to have nothing in
common with Okawara's five-year-old Master Grade makeover. Rather, it's
sort of a fusion of Katoki's Perfect Grade Gundam, the GP01, and the
RX-79[G] from 08th MS Team. I kinda like it, but those shoulders have to
go. See for yourself at

-- Mark

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