Re: [gundam] Gravity & Colony

Mark Nguyen (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 10:29:19 PST

>How far from the interior wall of a O'Neal Island 3 cylander do you
>need to be to be free of the "gravity"? I noticed that in both 0080
>& F91, the MS were almost behaving like a Zero-G configuration in
>their dogfights flights.

No distane at all. Remeber, it's not gravitic attraction, but
centripetal motion that keeps things in colonies from floating off. In
theory, if you were motionless relative to the rotating walls of the
colony, you could "float" 1 cm above the "ground" and expend no energy.
The ground would be spinning by you, though; to people on the ground of
the colony, you would appear to be skimming along the surface.


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