[gundam] Freud in Gundam!

Mark Nguyen (mnguyen@hotmail.com)
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 10:21:53 PST

> You wanna talk Phallic?
> Did you see the SIZE of the codpiece on the Nightengale, not to
>the _shape_ of it? I was going to use it as a background screen on my
>Solaris terminal until someone pointed out the 'third leg' to me!
Yeeek! A
>man could get sued for harrassment building a model of THAT MS!

Phallic symbols in Gundam? Nah... No way!

-The BFG on the GP03.

-The Zeta has an interestingly-shaped waist armor. Not to mention the

-The top armor covering on the Alpha Aziel. It's low when not in combat,
but springs straight up for action! And look at the appearance of the
mega beam cannon's discharge...

-honorable mention: in the final Char/Amuro battle in CCA, Char guts the
Nu's crotch with a beam saber. Amuro quickly retorts "That didn't hurt!"

-Any beam shield. Transparent, flexible, glows in the dark, comes in
many stylish colors, and it protects your vital parts!

-The Lafressia MA. Not phallic per se, but it's got tentacles. Tentacles
which dismember humanoid constructs and probes within their cockpits.

*Ahem* I'll get my mind out of the gutter now... I'd just like to say
that Freud lived and died a couple centuries too early. He's have a ball
in the Gundam universe!


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