Re: [gundam] SYREEN/NEUE ZIEL?

Pedro Corzo (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 08:36:45 -0500

My personal opinion concerning this discusion is that they are nice
designs but I think they were created using as basis the Japanese designs
as Nue-ziel (I think that is very obvious).

I do not want to hurt anybody feelings, but we have to accept it.

Mark Kuettner wrote:

> >The Starship Modeller web site has a review of the Syreen model that
> >includes pictures
> >
> >
> OK, Marc Vezina, designer of the Syreen, just posted a comment on
> the SM bulletin board stating he came up with the Syreen design a
> YEAR before 0083 came out, in a math class, to be exact.
> Mark Kai
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