Re: [gundam] Anime Village Question

Paul Lampshire (
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 22:55:05 -0000

>On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Paul Lampshire wrote:
>> Having seen their new announcements. All I can say is...
>> No new Gundam in 99.
>Where does it say this on their web site? All I can find is a release
>schedule that runs up to June '99, with this above it:

There's a number of shows that they've announced with no dates. It would
seem reasonable that these are 2nd half of 99 releases.

I can't see a gaping hole for them to fill at the moment. I could be wrong,
but with the addition of

Eatman 98
Brain Powerd
Silent Mobius TV
Don't Leave Me Daisy

To the shows like Cowboy Bebop that don't *start* till June. I think that
looks very much like it for 99.

>"Disclaimer: Names may not be final. These are titles that we can announce
>to the public at this time. Click on a title to go to its page if in
>release. is not responsible for typographical or other
>errors, but we do try to post correct and updated information as it
>becomes available."
>Any additional Gundam shows may not be scheduled yet, or haven't gotten
>the green light from execs to be publicly announced.
>I won't believe "no new Gundam in '99" until Anime Village actually says
>something to this effect.

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