[gundam] [OT] Buy-Rite

Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 00:22:20 -0800

>As far as Buy-Rite goes, they have a history of screwing people, they
>take forever to answer your questions of the phone, and the packages
>they sent to me in the past that were suposed to be OverNight Delivery
>took several days to show up.

That's funny, my friend complained about how he wanted UPS Ground and
they charged him Overnight. They do take forever to reply to e-mails
though. Once my inquiry went unanswered for about 3 weeks, by then I
had already gotten the game from another source.

>Lately things have changed. Since they don't sell as many used games as
>they used to, the condition is not as big of a problem. Years ago
>though, they would tell you that a game was new, and it would be used.
>And if you ever try to return an item, or get a shipping refund...you're

*Shudder*. I've gotten games in cases that are either cracked or have
"fallen teeth" from the inner ring, too.

>However, the fact remains: they have the cheapest prices. But if you
>realy look at their prices compared to the ones at www.ncsx.com, you
>will usualy find no more than a $6 difference at most. NCS has the best
>reputatioon on the net, and I have never delt with a more profesional
>company, ever.

NCS is very good at replying to e-mail, but my recent order arrived with
damaged packaging inside the shipping container...

>Oh, one more thing, since CCA for Playstaion sucks so SO bad, you might
>want to just skip it. Vrtual On (the #1 choice acrade like mech sim of
>the G-fan counisoure) for the PC is like $14.99 or something, and even
>cheaper on the Saturn.

I'd have to agree... CCA was no improvement over Zeta Gundam!


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