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Chris Beilby (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 10:13:30 -0800

> So in a way, using army ranks across the board would actually be _less_
> confusing, since you could then reserve the terms "captain" and "commander"
> for job descriptions rather than ranks. Hm...

Not quite, Mark. Army CoC structures still use the rank of Captain.

> >In the days when the ranking systems evolved, all we had were Army (land
> >forces) and Navy (sea-going forces). The Marines are land forces who are
> >transported by sea forces to establish beachheads and occupy land, so they
> >used Army-style ranks, with some adaptations.
> As you may note, when I wrote those One Year War ace bios, I'd adopted
> army ranks for members of Kishiria's Mobile Assault Force, likening them to
> marines. This was further bolstered by the fact that, unlike Dozul's Space
> Attack Force, the Mobile Assault Force is organized into divisions rather
> than fleets (ditto the Earth Attack Force, which was organized as an
> offshoot of the Mobile Assault Force).
> Meanwhile, the Earth Federation has leaders who are identified in some
> cases as "general" (like Revil) and in other cases as "admiral" (e.g.
> Tianem). So you could make a case for separate branches of both the Zeon
> and Federation military, with army ranks for one and naval ranks for the
> other. The only problem is that, in most cases, the Japanese dialogue
> provides no cues as to which would be appropriate...
> >In the future, one can foresee a return to the Army/Navy system, with a
> >Space Navy (Spacy -- or Astry, which would give you "astral" forces
> >equivalent to the "naval" forces that preceded them) that carries ground
> >troops from planet to planet or asteroid or space colony. (Starship
> >Troopers, anyone?) These troops would technically be a Marine Corps that
> >doubles as an Army of occupation.
> Yep, and that's exactly the role of the Mobile Assault Force - at least
> at the start of the war. By the end, of course, they have their own ships.
> And then there's the submarine fleet attached to the Earth Attack Force...
> sigh. Hard to draw the line, but I'm starting to favor army ranks as the
> best across-the-board solution. Saves you from calling all the enlisted men
> "Chief Petty Officer"!

Of course, anyone who is familiar with the Naval system has no problem with it.

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