Re: [gundam] Chars Counter: Special Edition?

Chad Gombosi (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 19:56:19 PST

>Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 22:13:08 EST
>Subject: [gundam] Chars Counter: Special Edition?
>Does anyone know whats in the Special Edition version of the game? It
comes in
>a big box. Buy Rite ( has it listed along with the
>version. I think the game is the same, but it looks big enough to
included a
>mdeol kit. I know some people on this ML don't like Buy Rite, but when
>ordered from them, my games was in perfect condition and brand new.

A model kit? I wish! I think it's a T-Shirt.

As far as Buy-Rite goes, they have a history of screwing people, they
take forever to answer your questions of the phone, and the packages
they sent to me in the past that were suposed to be OverNight Delivery
took several days to show up.

Lately things have changed. Since they don't sell as many used games as
they used to, the condition is not as big of a problem. Years ago
though, they would tell you that a game was new, and it would be used.
And if you ever try to return an item, or get a shipping're

However, the fact remains: they have the cheapest prices. But if you
realy look at their prices compared to the ones at, you
will usualy find no more than a $6 difference at most. NCS has the best
reputatioon on the net, and I have never delt with a more profesional
company, ever.

Well, that's my Buy-Rite rant.

Oh, one more thing, since CCA for Playstaion sucks so SO bad, you might
want to just skip it. Vrtual On (the #1 choice acrade like mech sim of
the G-fan counisoure) for the PC is like $14.99 or something, and even
cheaper on the Saturn.

Chad Gombosi

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