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Dafydd writes,

>Well, "Sergeant" is the accepted term of address for all non-commissioned
>officers ranked E-5 to E-9 in all services except the Navy, where "Petty
>Officer" is the generic. CPO is a specific rank (E-7) and "Chief" can be
>applied to the upper three ranks: CPO, Senior CPO and Master CPO. These
>are high enlisted ranks that usually require decades of service to achieve.

  I hesitate to ask this, given the way that Gundam cavalierly dispenses
top-tier non-commisioned officer ranks to raw recruits, but... what are the
approximate cut-offs? How much experience would you need to have under your
belt before you make corporal, sergeant, sergeant major?

  Young punks aside, there do appear to be some characters who work their
way up through the ranks. The Black Trinary were non-coms during their
prewar stint in Zeon's training battalion, and Shin Matsunaga became an
officer by way of battlefield promotion (and subsequently had to do a
catch-up stint at officer candidate school). For that matter, Karen Joshua
and Terry Sanders from 08th MS Team appear to have plenty of experience
under their belts...

>Warrant Officer, now, that's another story. There are four grades of
>Warrant Officer that rank midway between the most-senior non-commissioned
>officer and the most-junior commissioned officer. In effect, they are
>enlisted people who have earned command, but haven't received or are
>ineligible for a commission.

  So it's sort of a fudge to enable a non-com to act in the stead of a full
officer? Is it a temporary perk, or a permanent rank?

>And it just occurred to me that there's a guideline for the appropriate
>title of nobility for Zeon military commanders in the field (i.e., on
>Earth): the territory they command.

  Sounds good to me! Let me throw some samples at you...

  Prior to Garma's death on October 4, 0079, he was nominally commander of
all Earth forces. I don't think anyone else on Earth would have been
permitted to outrank him, and would thus be restricted to the rank of
colonel. But Zeon's terrestrial forces are broken up into five divisions -
two in North America, one in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, one in
Southeast Asia and the Pacific rim, and one in North Africa. As divisions,
they should be commanded by major generals, not colonels. I posit that,
once Garma was killed, the other division commanders were bumped up to
their proper rank.

  At any rate, here's a rough roster...

  1st Terrestrial Mobile Division
  Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  Headquarters: Baikonur?
  Commander: Major General Yuri Kerane?

  2nd Terrestrial Mobile Division
  Region: Western North America
  Headquarters: California Base
  Commander: Possibly the Colonel Cranberry mentioned in MSV books

  3rd Terrestrial Mobile Division
  Region: Eastern North America
  Headquarters: New York City
  Commander: Colonel Garma Zabi

  4th Terrestrial Mobile Division
  Region: Southeast Asia and Australia
  Headquarters: Unknown
  Commander: Unknown

  5th Terrestrial Mobile Division
  Region: North Africa
  Headquarters: Unknown
  Commander: Major General Neuen Bitter?

  Note that Yuri Kerane and Neuen Bitter should, by virtue of their ranks,
be division commanders. There are also a few special forces on Earth...

  Submarine Fleet
  Commander: Colonel Char Aznable

  Odessa Mining Base
  Commander: Colonel Ma Kube

  Apsaras Research Base
  Commander: Major General Ginias Sakhalin

  Ginias's rank is a technical, not a military, one. Perhaps Colonel Norris
Packard acts as base commander from a military standpoint. As for Char,
it's unclear whether he commands all of Zeon's submarine fleets, or just
the Mad Angler group. Since he reports to Kishiria, who holds a rank
equivalent to Major General, there's not much room for an intermediary...

  So, what d'you think the appropriate nobility ranks would be?

-- Mark

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