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Thu, 4 Feb 1999 20:47:07 EST

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> >>I was wondering , Since Gundam is now domestic , Will all Gundam series
> >>eventually become Domestic ? I heard all will eventually but I'm not sure
> >>about this.
> >
> >It all depends on whether is a success and how well the currently
> >available titles of Gundam are selling in the States. If both prove to be
> >successful then they will eventually be able to release all Gundam series
> >in the States.
> I'm getting concerned that it's not going to happen. [At least not this
> century : )]
> No new Gundam (other than dubs) has been announced.
> I'm sad
> <We know you are>
> No, I mean I'm unhappy...

Well my dreams of hearing Heero or Camile in a English voice is gonna have to

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