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>Dafydd writes,
>>Regarding the Romanization, is there a reason for using "Marbet" and
>>"Chronocle" instead of the more comparable "Marvette" and "Chronicle"?
> "Marvette" would be just as good, I suppose. I just like "Marbet" better,
>and so far as I can tell there's no Sunrise-approved spelling as with G
>Gundam, Gundam W, Gundam X, and now the original series. Is "Marvette" a
>real-world name?

The Marvettes were one of the first "all-girl" rock groups back in the 50s.
 Given the fact that the Shrike Team are all named for female vocalists, it
seems appropriate here.

>>Do you know the derivation or meaning or "Arti"?
> No mystery there - all the books agree it's short for "Artificial." What
>makes it artificial? I dunno, maybe the mass driver rails are built on

Thanks for the clarification. I don't recall seeing or hearing that
before, but it just may not have "stuck" for some reason. It might be a
good idea to fit that in somewhere, maybe something as simple as
"Arti(ficial) Gibraltar" on the first usage....

>>>As the League Militaire and Federation forces fight their way through the
>>>Zanscare fleets that guard Angel Halo, the fortress is activated and
>>>begins its descent towards Earth. Queen Maria, desperate to avert the
>>>coming catastrophe, has herself "kidnapped" by co-conspirator Tashiro
>>>Vargo. But when she uses her powers to call on Usso for help, Tashiro
>>>flies into a rage, slays the uncooperative queen, and is himself
>>>vaporized by the grief-stricken hero. Angel Halo enters Earth's
>>>atmosphere, and the League Militaire, Earth Federation, and Zanscare
>>There seems to be a sentence or two missing here.
> I'm not sure I see where - it's just sort of a confusing jumble of
>sentences to cram into a single paragraph. I'll see if I can monkey with
>the sequence of events to make it read better.

The last sentence of this paragraph is incomplete and the first sentence of
the next paragraph doesn't seem to complete the thought.


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