Re: [gundam] Neue Ziel kit

Mark Nguyen (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 16:23:12 PST

>> That's because in JC the Syreen is the "Zaku" of the story! If you
>>to see the 'real' JC version of the NZ, you need to see the
>>It puts the New Zeal to shame!
>Mark N. said they were identical...(never seen it)

I'll put up a scan for a couple days... I'll let you know.

>I saw the miniature version of the Prometheus, and it looked like a
>cross between a Gundam and Tattoo from Fantasy Island. The Pathfinder
>and 2 others were better designs, to me...

The JC pewters weren't all that hot. While very nicely detailed, they
looked really squished compared to the original lineart.


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