Re: [gundam] Jagd Doga weapons
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 19:10:13 EST

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<< The standard weapon for the Jagd Doga class, along with the shoulder-
 mounted funnels, is the beam rifle Gyunei uses; the four barrel rifle
 you mention was a custom weapon for Quess's Doga. The model for Quess
 Doga comes with Gyunei's rifle, which brought me to the conclusion it
 is the standard rifle for the Doga class. >>
 Thanks for the info.
oh ok I thought since it was shown with the other weapons and the shields on
the instruction/info part I thought it was a standard issue weapon. Oh well it
seems to be a cool kit though I like the head of Gyuneii's version iit is
rather unique.
 Idoes it have a grenade launcher on it somewhere? And what is the deal with
the things attched to the underside of the large shoulder armors they look
like R.P.Gs Where do they fire from if so?

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