Re: [gundam] Neue Ziel kit

Mark Kuettner (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 15:32:11 PST

> Of course!
> That's because in JC the Syreen is the "Zaku" of the story! If you
>to see the 'real' JC version of the NZ, you need to see the
>It puts the New Zeal to shame!

Mark N. said they were identical...(never seen it)

> And they have a kick-butt retoconn of the Dendrobium itself, called
>"Prometheus" and man is it a cooler design!
> -Probe

I saw the miniature version of the Prometheus, and it looked like a
cross between a Gundam and Tattoo from Fantasy Island. The Pathfinder
and 2 others were better designs, to me...

Mark Kai

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