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Eddie writes,

>I actually have all 6 volumes of the manga, and IIRC there were only 2 that
>were in active service. The third one you guys are thinking about probably
>referring to the "upgraded" Crossbone Gundam Seabook pilots after his got
>thrashed. So, in no time were there more than 2 Crossbone Gundams on active

  I don't remember how many there were at any one time, but the "X3" unit
that appears in the final volumes is a third distinct mobile suit,
delivered by a supply ship from some off-camera Crossbone Vanguard base. It
ends up being given to Tobia Arronax, and I dimly recall that he and
Seabook end up fighting side by side at the end of the story.

  Incidentally, Crossbone Gundam is pretty high on the priority list for
the Gundam Project synopses - after Endless Waltz, and possibly ahead of G
Gundam. Now that I think about it, perhaps I should bump a couple of the
more significant side stories up into the main list so I can do more
extensive coverage of them, and relegate the others to second-class

-- Mark

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